Rider Fitness

Tony Sandoval

Equestrian strength and conditioning coach • Trains riders of all levels, including the top level of multiple sports • Former Division 1 collegiate strength and conditioning coach

Tony is a high performance strength and conditioning coach focused on equestrians. Tony has decades of experience as a D-1 collegiate strength and conditioning coach.

Over 15 years ago, Tony Sandoval embarked on his career as a Division 1 collegiate strength and conditioning coach. His journey took a pivotal turn in 2016 when he was presented with the opportunity to rehabilitate a severely injured rider. Collaborating closely with her, the rider made a remarkable return to competition, months ahead of her doctors' predictions. This experience ignited a new passion and inspiration within Tony to dedicate his focus exclusively to training equestrian athletes.

Since that transformative period, Tony has fully immersed himself in the equestrian world. He dedicates time to observe his riders during lessons and competitions to gain a deeper understanding of the unique demands faced by the equestrian athlete; he has even taken up riding himself. Further enhancing his team's expertise, Tony has welcomed another strength and conditioning coach, one with a background in riding and competing. Together, they aspire to redefine the standards of fitness and athleticism for equestrians.

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