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All our features to give you a leg up

What’s included with membership all for less than $1 a day!

Unlimited audio lessons with top trainers

Just tack up, press play, and ride

Weekly direct access to equestrian experts

Tune in live to ask questions or listen back later

Dressage Tools

All the tools needed to get to the next level

Online community 
of members and trainers

Always ready to help you and cheer you on!

Sports Psychology Sessions

Get to the root of things

Education on & off your horse

Access hundreds of exclusive podcast episodes

Guidance while you ride

Your schooling rides, upgraded. A top coach in your ear providing lesson plans, position reminders, and training insights when you need them most…while you ride.

World-class Coaches

Your access to the best. In addition to having success at the top of their sport, every Ride iQ coach has a reputation for exceptional horsemanship.

Lessons for 
every level

Your key to small steps forward everyday. Lessons that meet you exactly where you are—from walk-only lessons to top level prep.

Private Online Community

Your barn family. A positive and supportive group of riders and coaches supporting you through the ups and downs!

Ask an Expert Weekly Live Events

Your direct access.Live Q&A with top experts every week.

Member Video Reviews

Your personal check-ins.Send in a video of you and your horse and get feedback from a Ride iQ coach.

Dressage Test Read Throughs

Your memorization buddy.Your test is called out in the time it takes to ride it.

Dressage Test Playbooks

Your leg up.Movement-by-movement tips and insights for your entire test from top dressage judges.

Hack Chats

Your pal on the trails.Top riders chat about whatever is on their mind.

Sports Psychology Sessions

Your mental preparation.Strategies to support your best performances.

Exclusive Podcasts

Your inside look. Hundreds of hours of equestrian stories and expert advice.

Groundwork Lessons

Your marriage counselor (the horse and rider variety).Guidance to help you better understand each other using patience and compassion.

Rider Fitness Workout Videos

Your personal trainer. Workouts designed specifically for riders.

Pony Club-specific Content

Your Pony Club tutor. Prepare for your next certification with lessons specially curated for Pony Club members.

RRP-focused Lessons

Your guide to 
OTTB training.Progress through OTTB-specific programs starting from Day 1 with your new OTTB.

USEA-partnered Content

Your way to get the 
most from USEA. USEA x Ride iQ lessons, podcasts, and program coverage.

Personalized playlists

Your custom collections. Organize the lessons you plan to take next based on horse, goal, or anything else!

Offline compatible

Your coach who goes everywhere you go!  Download lessons or podcast episodes for listening from anywhere.


Your visual aid. 1-3 minute video demonstrations to support your audio lessons.

Full Video Lessons

Your Instagram alternative. Like auditing a clinic, 
but from your couch.

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14 days free trial
Love it or get a refund
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14 days free trial
Love it or get a refund
❤️ from our members
As an adult amateur who often rides alone between hauling to lessons, it’s really nice to have access to so many varied and amazing lessons with coaches that I would never get to ride with in person.

Micki McDaniel

Ride iQ has played a huge role in the success of training my OTTBs!

Keegan Oswald

With Ride iQ I have a bevy of lessons to motivate and challenge me to ride more, ride better and get out of my comfort zone. It’s truly an amazing service and I intend to be a member for years to come!

Ashley Schmitt

I love Ride iQ. It has been a tremendous value add to my program keeping me accountable to my horses and making sure they are getting what they need from our training sessions.

Jaclyn Burke

5 stars!!! It is hard to summarize all of the things I love about Ride iQ. Just the way it works is genius. To ride along with top riders as they ride and how it seamlessly translates...bravo!!!

Heather Updegraff McWilliams

This is honestly the first subscription I’ve seen or used that is so worth a monthly fee. Thank you! And pat your horse!


As someone who doesn’t have the time/budget to be at the barn learning daily, Ride iQ helps me stay knowledgeable while at my desk job, doing housework, and commuting! It’s amazing to have top athletes from all over the world available a tap away!


Great exercises for riders and horses of all levels. It is really helpful for those days when you’re schooling by yourself and can’t come up with what to work on. Just put in some headphones and ride along with a top professional!

Kristina Huff

Highly recommend. It's a great value for so many lessons!

Heather Jones

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Ride iQ! My in-person trainer tells me what to work on and I pull a bunch of lessons from Ride iQ for my rides between lessons!

Ashley Winterroth

My favorite part is being part of this incredibly supportive community. Despite riding at very different levels, everyone is so happy to celebrate “wins" of every variety!

Kara Doberstein

I love Ride iQ! I have bought different books or apps related to horses, but I found myself paying and not really using them. Ride iQ is the polar opposite! Well worth the money!

Kim Miller