Getting her start as a young rider in Pony Club, dressage rider Jennette Scanlon hasn’t always found her home between the white rails. She started out in jumping and eventing, turning to dressage by happenstance when her horse lost an eye in a freak accident. In a quest to learn new skills, she started riding at a dressage barn, where she quickly found a deep love for the sport.

Eventually starting her own training business in California, Jennette graduated Pony Club at the highest horsemanship level, the H-A. She specialized in starting horses for all disciplines with a particular knack for retraining problem horses. After several years spent gaining experience in the industry, she began to search for a better way to educate horses and riders.

Always thirsty for knowledge and with a strong desire immerse herself in quality riding, she found her way to the Etoile Academy in Germany. Jennette wanted to become certified for the education process, as well as to take advantage of the opportunities that the program offered. She credits the Etoile program with teaching her the things that have helped make her such a popular and successful coach, such as organizing and prioritizing training concepts to become a more clear and effective coach and rider.  

Jennette’s passion lies in enjoy sharing the knowledge she has gained through these programs with students, and says that seeing her students’ achievements is one of her greatest satisfactions.

In addition to her accomplishments as a coach, Jennette made her way up the levels of dressage, earning her USDF bronze, silver, and gold medals. Jennette has also stayed in touch with her roots, now serving as a National Examiner for the US Pony Club. She is also a USDL “L” Graduate with Distinction, and an ICP Level III certified instructor.