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Can I access Ride iQ for free?

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Try before you buy, we love that! Everyone automatically gets a no-obligation 2-week free trial. If you'd like, you can browse the entire Ride iQ library before starting your trial.

First, download the Ride iQ app from the iOS or Android app store.

If you're on iOS:

1. Choose your method of sign-up (google, email, or apple)
2. Enter an email and password for your account and accept the terms
3. Share how you heard about Ride iQ, or tap "Continue" to skip
4. On the "Try the app for free" screen, tap "Skip" to get full access to the app
5. Once you've browsed the app and listened to a lesson, you can start your 2-week free trial by tapping "Subscribe"

If you're on Android:

1. Choose your method of signup (google, email, or apple)
2. Enter an email and password for your account and accept the terms
3. Ta-da! You can now browse the app and listen to any lesson you'd like! Start your 2-week free trial by tapping "Subscribe"

How often are lessons added to the app?

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Lessons and new podcast episodes are added every Tuesday at 10am ET. You can find a playlist of the recently added lessons and podcasts on the Home tab of the app. The full list of new releases is also sent to members via email and shared in the Private Ride iQ Member Community on Facebook every Tuesday.

Are there video lessons, too?

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Visual learners, we have your back! The Ride iQ app includes two types of videos:

  • Lesson support videos: 1 to 6-minute videos that correspond with a specific audio lesson and can be watched before taking that lesson. There are video libraries within the flatwork and jumping lesson categories (e.g. flatwork videos are found in Lessons > Flatwork > Flatwork Videos > Lesson Support Clips), and they’re also linked in the episode description of the specific audio lesson they accompany.
  • Full video lessons: 5 to 20-minute videos you can watch from your couch, the grocery store line, your kid’s soccer game…wherever you want! Topics include things like “Seeing a distance" and "Owning your corners." These videos are found in Lessons > Flatwork > Flatwork Videos > Full Video Lessons.

I don't have service at my farm. Can I download the lessons?

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Yes! Click on the lesson you want to download and then click “…” You’ll see a Download toggle. Turn the toggle on and that lesson will be saved within the Library section of your app under Downloads. You can listen to all downloaded lessons without service.

How can I save my favorite lessons?

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Click on the lesson you want to favorite and then click “…” You’ll see a toggle for “Save to Favorites.” Turn the toggle on and that lesson will be saved within the Library section of your app under Favorites for easy access. Voilà!

Where is the search function in the app?

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The search icon, a magnifying glass, is in the top right corner of every tab. If you're within a category, collection, or playlist, navigate back to the front of that tab to search.

Using the search function will search all of the content in the app including track titles and descriptions.

I logged into the app. Where should I start?

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Your first time in the Ride iQ app...this is exciting! First, take the Ride iQ Lesson Finder Quiz. It only takes 2 minutes, and it will equip you with 15-20 lessons that will be a great fit for you and your horse!

Within the app, you can click the search icon (it looks like a magnifying glass) in the upper righthand corner of the screen to search for any lessons from your list. You can also navigate to lessons or browse lessons by clicking Lessons in the bottom navigation bar.

Tap on any lesson to view the lesson description, which includes what type of horse/rider the lesson is most suitable for, anything you may want to look at before riding (a diagram or short video clip), and a play-by-play of what to expect during the lesson.

When you find one you like, get on your horse and press play!

Where can I find the Ride iQ mobile app?

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The app is available for iPhone and Android. Just search “Ride iQ” in the App Store or Google Play Store. Direct links to the app: iPhone App, Android App.

What disciplines is Ride iQ for?

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Ride iQ currently caters to english disciplines with coaches who ride at the top level of Eventing, Hunter/Jumpers, and Dressage. The app also features the expertise of veterinarians, sports psychology coaches, farriers, judges, grooms, rider strength and conditioning coaches, natural horsemanship and groundwork experts, and the list goes on.

How many on-demand audio lessons are on the app?

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Right now, there are over 400 lessons to choose from on the app. New lessons are added every Tuesday at 10am ET. Lessons can be filtered by topic, coach, duration, and level.

What levels is Ride iQ suitable for?

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Ride iQ is for riders of all levels, ages, and aspirations!

The lessons span from all-walk beginner lessons to lessons focused on perfecting upper level movements. Our members include young kids learning how to ride all the way to professionals who are using Ride iQ during their training rides. If you’re worried there won’t be lessons for you, worry-no-more! We have you covered.

What headphones should I use for Ride iQ?

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Any wireless headphones you like will work great! If you’re looking to buy a pair, we recommend Aftershokz headphones. Aftershokz use bone conduction technology so you can hear your audio lesson without having buds directly in your ears. They’re comfortable under a helmet and can withstand the wear and tear of activity. There are a few models to choose from–they all work great, including the least expensive Open Move model ($80).

If you prefer a bluetooth speaker, we recommend the Noxgear 39g Wearable Bluetooth Speaker (named 39g because it only weighs 39 grams). Yes, wearable! You can clip this lightweight speaker to your shirt and carry-on without distraction–no-bounce guaranteed!

How should I carry my phone with me while riding?

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You have options!

Runners Belts

Breeches with Pockets

These options are women’s breeches. Men, breeches with pockets probably isn’t your best bet! Here are some we like:

Phone Holsters

I missed the Ask an Expert live! Can I get the recording?

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Every Ask an Expert is recorded and posted on the Ride iQ app in the “Podcasts” section. If you can’t make it, but you have a question for a Ride iQ coach you’d like included, you can share that via the Facebook group, on Instagram @rideiqofficial, or send us an email at

I heard there’s a live weekly conversation with a Ride iQ coach (Office Hours). How do I join?

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You heard right! “Ask an Expert” happens every Tuesday evening, usually at 6pm ET depending on the featured expert's schedule. You’ll receive an email Every Tuesday at 10am ET with an invitation and the link to join. That information will also be posted in the Private Ride iQ Member Community on Facebook as well.

Ask an Expert is streamed live to the Private Ride iQ Member Community on Facebook and the Ride iQ Youtube channel. Attendees submit questions via the chat feature.

How can I join the Ride iQ Facebook group?

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Just search Private Ride iQ Member Community on Facebook and request to join. Note, the Facebook community is for current Ride iQ members only. We’re excited to have you there!

Who should I contact with questions or feedback?

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Jessa and McKinsey Lux are Co-Founders and would love to hear from you. You can reach them at

How do I sign up?

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You can get started right here on the website by clicking "Start For Free" in the upper right corner of your screen. You can also sign up directly in the Ride iQ app. To do so, download the Ride iQ mobile app for iPhone or Android by searching “Ride iQ” in the App Store or Google Play Store and follow the prompts to start your free trial! Your 14-day free trial will be automatically included.

How do I start the free trial?

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No matter if you sign up on the Ride iQ website or within the Ride iQ app, every new account automatically includes a 14-day free trial!

What's included in membership?

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  • Unlimited on-demand audio lessons: Access to the Ride iQ mobile app and the complete library of hundreds of audio lessons with new lessons added every Tuesday
  • Visual support and video lessons: Many Ride iQ audio lessons are supported by a 45 second to 6-minute-long video. The app also has full video lessons for members to watch when they aren’t riding
  • In-app private podcasts: Ride iQ private podcasts are both entertaining and educational including interviews with your favorite top riders and experts
  • Weekly live virtual Ask an Expert events: Members have direct access to an equestrian expert every week and can ask any questions they have
  • Access to the private FB community: The camaraderie and sense of community within this group is really somethin’! You’ll find Ride iQ coaches and founders here, too!
  • Invitations to Ride iQ sponsored course walks, competition parties, and special virtual events. Ya, you’re VIP.

How much does membership cost?

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You have a few options!

  • $29.99/month
  • $79.99/quarter
  • $299/year (a $60 savings)

Every membership automatically includes a 14-day free trial.

How do I cancel my account?

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Nobody likes when this part is difficult, so we’ve made it as easy as possible!

If you signed up here on the website, you can cancel anytime by visiting (or click “Manage Account” in the upper navigation of this website). No questions asked.

If you signed up via  the mobile app, go to “manage subscriptions” on your phone and click “cancel.”

How do I update my payment details?

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If you signed up for your account via the website, visit to manage your account (or click “Manage Account” in the upper navigation of this website).

If you signed up via the Ride iQ app, visit your phone Settings, search for "subscriptions", and manage your payment information there.

❤️ from our members
As an adult amateur who often rides alone between hauling to lessons, it’s really nice to have access to so many varied and amazing lessons with coaches that I would never get to ride with in person.

Micki McDaniel

Ride iQ has played a huge role in the success of training my OTTBs!

Keegan Oswald

With Ride iQ I have a bevy of lessons to motivate and challenge me to ride more, ride better and get out of my comfort zone. It’s truly an amazing service and I intend to be a member for years to come!

Ashley Schmitt

I love Ride iQ. It has been a tremendous value add to my program keeping me accountable to my horses and making sure they are getting what they need from our training sessions.

Jaclyn Burke

5 stars!!! It is hard to summarize all of the things I love about Ride iQ. Just the way it works is genius. To ride along with top riders as they ride and how it seamlessly translates...bravo!!!

Heather Updegraff McWilliams

This is honestly the first subscription I’ve seen or used that is so worth a monthly fee. Thank you! And pat your horse!


As someone who doesn’t have the time/budget to be at the barn learning daily, Ride iQ helps me stay knowledgeable while at my desk job, doing housework, and commuting! It’s amazing to have top athletes from all over the world available a tap away!


Great exercises for riders and horses of all levels. It is really helpful for those days when you’re schooling by yourself and can’t come up with what to work on. Just put in some headphones and ride along with a top professional!

Kristina Huff

Highly recommend. It's a great value for so many lessons!

Heather Jones

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Ride iQ! My in-person trainer tells me what to work on and I pull a bunch of lessons from Ride iQ for my rides between lessons!

Ashley Winterroth

My favorite part is being part of this incredibly supportive community. Despite riding at very different levels, everyone is so happy to celebrate “wins" of every variety!

Kara Doberstein

I love Ride iQ! I have bought different books or apps related to horses, but I found myself paying and not really using them. Ride iQ is the polar opposite! Well worth the money!

Kim Miller