Aubrey Graham grew up in Connecticut, starting her riding career at age 4. Much of her youth was spent riding the types of horses that didn’t make life easy, giving her ample experience with bucking, bolting, rearing, and behavioral issues.

In college she competed with the Colgate University equestrian team in equitation classes, dabbled in some western riding, and became a working student at Jenny Fischer's River View Farm in the summers. While at Jenny’s she learned how to start horses under saddle, do ground work, and work through more complex problems with both Warmbloods and Thoroughbreds.

After completing her time at Colgate University, Aubrey moved to Atlanta to earn her PhD. Here she began to tip her toe into the sport of eventing, largely due to the fact that she rode at the former Olympic site at the Georgia International Horse Park. Alongside pursuing a career as an Anthropologist, she also started her own horse training business. She has currently competed through the Preliminary level, with top-level aspirations.

In 2019 she paused her career in academia to train horses full time, opening Kivu Sporthorses and Training, LLC in McDonough, GA. She specializes in green or complicated horses and has a particular wealth of experience with Off the Track Thoroughbreds. Aubrey’s main focus is restarting and rehoming OTTBs, bringing young horses up the levels of eventing, and she also has a successful coaching program.  

While she trains all types and breeds of horses, she has a particular fondness for Thoroughbreds because of their intelligence, heart, and drive. Each year she contributes to the training of, on average, at least 50 Thoroughbreds. This can range from first post-track rides to helping them discover their second career to developing them for competition. She also specializes in horses that known for having extensive training issues or have been labeled “problem horses”.

Aubrey is also the founder of “Thoroughbred Logic”, which includes a series of articles published weekly on Horse Nation as well as nationally-held masterclasses and clinics. Through this series she aims to promote the breed by providing education on training, behavior, nutrition, overall health, and ensuring a good match between horse and rider.

Her contributions to the Ride iQ library should be of particular interest to anyone with a young, green horse or the OTTB enthusiast.