Despite growing up in a Alaska, a place not exactly known for its equestrian scene, Jennifer Carter’s dedication to horses was established at an early age. At 13, Jen got her first horse, which only served to motivate her even more and leave her dreaming of higher level pursuits.  

Wanting to turn riding into more than just a hobby, at 17 Jen spent a summer working in New York for Sue and Terry Williams. While the Williams’ were mostly known for their involvement in showjumping, during her time in New York Jen was introduced to three day eventing, something that quickly captured her interest. Jen competed in her first event that summer and was instantly hooked on the sport.

After graduating high school Jen attended Midway College in Lexington, Kentucky, a choice that was motivated by her desire to be close to horses. In 1995 she met event ride Kyle Carter and was introduced to a mare, Leaps and Bounds, who had been bred by Kyle and his father. Although intended to be a resale horse, the pair quickly “clicked” and began climbing up the ranks. Together they eventually competed in their first Advanced, continuing on to compete successfully at the 5* level.

In the late 90’s Jen and her now-husband, fellow 5* rider Kyle Carter, relocated to Ocala, FL, building what is now their home base at Five Rings Stables. Jen has continued to develop horses up to the top levels, and has also made her mark as a coach, helping riders reach the top levels and also serving as an Area 3 Young Rider coach.

In addition to running a busy training and coaching business, Jen is also an avid runner and the mother of two daughters.