Growing up in both Hong Kong and Vancouver, Jamie Graham got her start with horses when she was only 10 years old. She grew up riding in a variety of different disciplines, eventually settle in the Phoenix area.  

After obtaining her Master of Science degree in Therapeutic Recreation, Jamie began her career as a therapeutic horse riding instructor and equine assisted Recreation Therapist.  

Passionate about promoting the mental and physical benefits of exercise, she’s also a certified personal trainer, certified inclusive fitness trainer, and the founder of her own equestrian fitness company, Haybales and Barbells.

As an advocate for body inclusivity, diversity, and non-diet culture, Jamie started Haybales and Barbells with the belief that both horses and fitness are for anyone and everyone - at all levels, sports, and backgrounds. Her goal is to help equestrians understand that we are athletes too and need to train outside of the sport in order to improve within the sport.

Jamie is extremely passionate about promoting the mental and physical benefits of exercise and how it directly links to our performance in the saddle, something she helps us do through her Ride iQ rider fitness series!