It’s Time to Celebrate Ride iQ's Second Birthday!

Today is a very big day at Ride iQ HQ. We are celebrating our second birthday! 

The celebrations start with this afternoon’s Birthday Party on Zoom. We’ve got a Q&A with the founders, coach awards, surprise guests, and more. Members and those on a free trial will have received the invite in their weekly email. Join us at 5pm ET today, we would love to see you there!

You’ll need to wait until next week to listen to our Founder’s Lookback podcast but for now, let’s take a look at some of what makes the Ride iQ and the community so special. 

1. We have 27 coaches from 5 different nationalities

Our all-star line-up includes 6 Olympians spanning 6 different disciplines (dressage, eventing, show jumping, groundwork, sports psychology, and rider fitness) and 5 different nationalities. 

As one of our lovely members put, “it’s like having a coach whenever you want to work on any skill you choose”.

Another member, Stephanie, says that Ride iQ lessons, “help me ride with intention when I’m not in an in-person lesson. I feel like I get more out of my horse than I ever have on my own”.

We add new lessons every week, and whether you’re teaching your OTTB to jump, wanting to work on your position, or warming up for your first show-jumping competition, we have a lesson and a coach and lessons to help you. 

Our most popular lessons are:

  • Lesson 004. Transitions with Kyle Carter
  • Lesson 043. First Ride of the Week with Jon Holling
  • Lesson 020. Rider Position with Holly Hepp Hudspeth
  • Lesson 056. Soft & Up in the Connection with Jon Holling

We have members in 66 countries, and the last two years have seen them rack up an incredible 2,615,691 minutes of listening time (that's 5 years-worth of continuous listening)! 

2. We have 5 podcast shows

We add new podcast episodes every single week.

Take a deep dive into the minds of equestrian athletes in our “Equestrian Mastermind” podcast. 

Enjoy thought-provoking conversations and learn something new every time in our ever-popular “In Stride with Sinead Halpin Maynard."

Get advice from some of the top experts in their field in “Ask an Expert."

Enjoy relaxed conversations with the Ride iQ coaches in “Hack Chats.”

Finally, enjoy hearing chats between host Kyle Carter and our other wonderful coaches in “Conversations with Coaches."

Our most popular episode? Boyd Martin: A Champion’s Mindset

3. We advocate for the amateurs 

While we have lessons to support every level of horse and rider, it is amateur riders who make up the majority of our members. 

We are so happy to have made a space for amateur riders to be able to experience lessons from top coaches, without having to travel for hundreds of miles or save up hundreds of dollars! 

Ride iQ gives amateur and grassroots riders the opportunity to learn something and feel supported every time they put their foot in the stirrup. 

Ride iQ is a game changer for our sport. The coaches are phenomenal, and the conversations that take place are ones you didn’t even realize you needed or wanted to hear…it brings together such a wonderful community and allows the grassroots of the sport to have access to the top professionals. Love this app and everyone that comes with it”. - Megan W., Ride iQ member

4. We are not an app, we are a community

Ride iQ is such a beautiful thing, but it is not for us to take the credit. 

It is our loyal, active members who help make the Ride iQ community the supportive, inspiring, and welcoming space it is. 

Ride iQ brings together people from all locations - from equestrian hubs like Ocala to rural areas in Montana and even places like Bulgaria and Italy! Members have different backgrounds and goals, but they're all united around one thing: the desire to build a happy partnership with their horse, and all Ride iQ helps them do that in a way they've never experienced before.

Let’s leave it with this wonderful testimonial from Ashley, who says,

“Ride IQ is more than a fantastic, useful service; it comes with an amazing, warm community, fantastic podcasts, Q&A events and so much more. I’ve been a member since November 2021, and it’s been a privilege to watch Ride IQ grow and change, and I can’t wait for the ride to come. As an adult ammy who struggled for so long to get out of my home arena and the same habitual rides, Ride IQ has improved my riding, fed my curiosity and helped me build positive habits - I ride more, and I ride better!”

So, to all our loyal members, thank you. 

A Birthday Offer - Enjoy an Extended Free Trial 

For those who are yet to join the Ride iQ app and community, we wanted to give you a little something. We are extending our free trial offer from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. If you’re only able to get to the school a couple of times a week, a 6 week free trial will allow you to explore even more lessons, and get a real taste for what Ride iQ can do for you and your horse.

Signing up to our 6 week free trial is easy. Here’s how:

  1. Sign up to Ride iQ by visiting
  2. Select the monthly plan from the drop-down list and hit subscribe
  3. Enter the code HAPPYBDAY in the promo field and hit ‘apply’
  4. Complete the sign up process


The extended free trial code is valid until August 24th 2023

To redeem, the code must be applied when signing up via the website. 

Users will automatically be enrolled onto the monthly plan if not canceled before the end of the free trial.

Read more about our pricing plans and FAQs here.

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