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17 Best Gifts for Equestrians That Are as Unique as They Are

Updated: December 1, 2022

When it comes to finding the best gift for your barn bestie, horse show parent, always-there-for-you coach, or horse-obsessed S.O., it’s all about finding something with a special touch (think personalized or a little extra compared to what they might normally treat themselves to).

We scoured the internet and tapped the best outfitted equestrians we know to come up with a list of 17 gifts perfect for any budget and any horse-loving recipient! The holidays are coming up, but whether you’re shopping for Christmas or Hannukuh or just because, we got you covered!

While you might think the person you’re shopping for is an equestrian who already has everything, we are quite certain you’ll find something new for them to love on the list below. Oh, and if horses are your passion, too, remember that ’tis the season to treat yourself!

Pssst: Want even more ideas? Check out The Ultimate Equestrian Holiday Gift Guide where you’ll find everything from horseback riding apparel to equestrian gadgets and of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without our favorate saddle pads and horse show coolers (you can never have enough!).

Looking for something specific? Shop this guide by the categories below:

Stocking Stuffers

Breed Ride Compete Pedigree Report Gift Certificate

A Custom Pedigree Report by Breed.Ride.Compete ($100)

This is sure to make any horse lover’s eyes light up! With a gift card to Breed.Ride.Compete, you’re giving someone the chance to get a 5-7 page report with details about their horse’s ancestors, information on what else they produced, what the bloodlines are known for, any siblings or other related horses of note, photos, etc. When it comes to thoughtfulness, this gift is very hard to beat! Note that the service is available for Thoroughbred and Warmblood horses only at the moment.

A notepad with weekly notes about each day's ride.

The DappleBay Weekly Riding Journal ($18)

As a horseback rider, you can surely relate to getting to the barn on a busy day and having a less-than stellar schooling ride. Planning ahead is a great way to make those rides more productive! DappleBay’s Planner Notepads are a fun option for planning and tracking rides. They are bright, colorful, and have plenty of room for stickers, too. Leave one on your tack trunk and pat yourself on the back for being on top of it!

Gold Horseshoe Earrings

Lucky Earrings from Mare Goods ($25)

You know how it goes – one minute you’re compiling gifts for a gift guide and the next minute you’re adding to cart! Just us? Oh well! We think a pair of lucky horseshoe studs (the earring variety, not to be confused with actual horseshoe studs) might just get you promoted to MVP gift giver in your equestrian friends’ eyes. And if they’re not into earrings, there’s a pendant variety, too!

A bucket of horse treats with sprinkles on them

Horse Treats from Snaks 5th Avenchew ($24)

Fair warning, these treats are a bit over the top, but that’s what gifts are for…spoiling your friends (and their horses!) with something out of the ordinary! Snaks 5th Avenchew has something special for every four-legged friend including Pony Donuts, Browneigh Bites, and Ringside Rewards (our favorite!). These gourmet horse cookies look so delicious, we’d be tempted to steal a bite!

Black leather phone holder and belt holster

Leather iPhone Belt Holster from American Equus ($49)

The age old question: where do you put your phone while you’re riding? We’ve seen it all (we’ve even tried it all!) from running belts to fanny packs to breeches pockets, it can be a challenge to find a solution that works great. Enter, the leather iPhone belt holster from American Equus! It keeps your phone accessible while keeping it out of the way! And it even looks good…mind. Blown! Might we also suggest pairing this gift with a 1-month Ride iQ membership ($30)? A match made in heaven!

A paint horse with a colorful beaded browband on its bridle

Beaded Browband from The Kenyan Collection ($75)

The Kenyan Collection was started in 2003 to support an amazing community of people in Nairobi. Every piece is individually handcrafted using high quality and hard-wearing leather and hand-cast buckles and clasps, and the beads are hand sewn onto their products. In addition to browbands, they have belts (perfect for a #ROOTD), dog collars, dog leads, and more. Everything is beautiful, so prepare for a tough decision!

Riding Apparel

Black and white cross stiched belt

Derby Belt from Shop Hunt Club ($36)

We don’t have to tell you that a great riding outfit isn’t complete without a great belt! The Hunt Club’s Derby Belts are unique, stylish, stretchy, and wallet-friendly! There’s a design for every equestrian and every occasion, from traditional solid colors to bright patterns. There are a lot to choose from, so you might even luck out and find their show colors (or yours!)!

Girl in horseback riding clothes wearing a shirt that says "Three days, three ways"

Three Days, Three Ways T-Shirt from Beyond the Track Apparel ($28)

The special eventer in your life will absolutely adore this lightweight, soft shirt from Beyond the Track Apparel! It’s the perfect gift for any lover of the sport who does it Three Days, Three Ways!

Pink and Black zip up jackets hanging on a clothes rack

Full-Zip Performance Jacket from Victoria Rose ($102)

Just because horseback riders spend a lot of time in a barn doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish! Victoria Rose’s Full-Zip Performance Jacket is the perfect layer for chillier weather. It’s classy, high-quality, and fully curated to the equestrian athlete, so it can be worn before, during, and after a ride (especially if after involves running errands or meeting up with friends!).

Free Ride Equestrian riding breeches

Lux Full Seat Breeches from Free Ride Equestrian ($90)

Let’s face it: full-seat breeches, though great to ride in, can be a bit uncomfortable. That’s why the Lux Full Seat Breeches from Free Ride Equestrian are our go-to – they were designed with comfort and style in mind. Any equestrian would be happy to add these to their collection!

A stock tie for horseback riders with a sunflower pattern

Stock Tie from Stockbubble ($46)

This is a gift we didn’t know we needed! Add some fun to your show outfit with a stock tie that has pizzazz! Whether you want a simple pattern or a stock tie with frenchies and wine, they have you covered! Psst: OTTB lovers, they have a Retired Racehorse Project stock tie, too!

Our Picks

A rider looking at their phone while they ride and wearing headphones and a Ride iQ t-shirt

Ride iQ Membership ($30)

What if you could gift your friend a lesson with an Olympic coach? Or even multiple lessons with that coach…what an opportunity that would be! That’s Ride iQ! Ride iQ gives everyone access to top dressage and eventing coaches through a library of hundreds of on-demand listen-while-you-ride lessons for every level of rider. All you need to do is tack up and press play, and there’s a top coach like Grand Prix dressage rider Lauren Sprieser or gold medalist event rider Leslie Law guiding them for every step. Doug Payne, the top placed US event rider at Tokyo 2020, said that Ride iQ is the most productive and efficient learning tool he’s seen yet!

Slippers with horse emojis on them

Horse Head Emoji Slippers from Dreamers n’ Schemers ($50)

Riders hate being away from the barn, but when they are, they might as well be cozy! With the new slippers from Dreamers n’ Schemers will put a smile on their face when they’re at home! In addition to the horse emoji variety, Dreamers n’ Schemers has other personality-filled slipper options (we have our eyes on the Stall Rest design next), so you can find something just right for you or a friend!

Leather Cleaner ($21) and Conditioner ($24) from Sterling Essentials

If you’re a rider, you know that great tack cleaner just hits different! Our saddles deserve the best treatment possible, and Sterling Essentials’ products are exactly that. Not only are they effective, but they smell good, too!

A black horse in a stall with a black and white custom stall guard

Custom Stall Guard from Deco Pony ($85)

Even when we’re doing chores, we like to be closer to the horses! Whether your barn bestie is at a show or at home, a custom stall guard is a perfect way to give their horse a chance to hang out! Deco Pony’s stall guards are lightweight, durable, and fully customizable with limitless patterns and colors. These stall guards are a great way to add personality to any setup!

A paint horse on cross country galloping through the water jump at Otter Creek Farm

Custom Neck Strap from Equi-Prism ($30)

Neck straps are an everyday piece of equipment for a lot of riders, and for good reason – they’re there for you when you have an”Oh sh*t!” moment! Equi-Prism’s neck straps will keep the special equestrian in your life secure in the saddle when the unexpected happens. Of course, they are fully customizable with many colors and embroidery options – the definition of safety in style!

A close up of a horseback riders hands holding the correct connect reins

Aaron Vale Reins from Correct Connect ($169)

The Aaron Vale Reins from Correct Connect are the ultimate training tool. They feature three padded hand grips designed to encourage soft hands and correct contact. These reins are a training tool to help riders and horses create muscle memory, but they’re not legal for competitions.

A grey horse with a braided mane wearing a maroon sheet

Diamond Knit Dress Sheet from Saratoga HorseWorks ($159)

Winter weather can be tough, but seeing our horses bundled in adorable blankets is always a welcome sight! The Diamond Knit Dress Sheet from Saratoga HorseWorks comes in every color combination imaginable and it’s fully machine washable, the true key to any equestrian’s heart.

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