Katie Emerson

Katie finds fulfillment in building a strong bond with both of her horses.

Goals & motivations

Katie finds fulfillment in building a strong bond with both of her horses. Her goal is to get more competitive and  win at the current level she's competing and to get more comfortable competing at the level above.

Katie joined Ride iQ because she didn't have a jumping coach at the time and wanted assistance in that area of her riding, but she has grown to love everything Ride iQ has to offer including audio lessons on all all topics,  Q&A with experts, and a supportive community of fellow adult amateur riders.

More information

• Lives in Tarpon Springs

• Adult amateur low-level event rider in her 30s

• Owns 2 horses, competes 1

• Rides 4-5 days per week

• Rides with an in-person coach 1-2 days per week

• Loves to learn about horse management

• Competes regularly

• 9w1 enneagram

• Joined Ride iQ in September 2021, prompted by a friend's social post

The app has definitely given me a sense of renewed purpose & direction. I find myself excited to head to the barn & try out new lessons!

Katie's perspective

If you had to explain Ride iQ to someone who hasn't heard about it, what would you say?

An essential app for anyone interested in improving their skills and learning more about the upper level riding community

What's your favorite thing about Ride iQ?

Office hours. So cool to have access to so many amazing riders and other horse experts each week. I have learned so much about eventing and horsemanship

How disappointed would you be if you no longer had access to Ride iQ lessons?

4 out of 4

Since joining Ride iQ over the summer we've now had personal best rides & finishes two weekends in a row!